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The Bad City Crew grew out of the surfer community in The City of Newport Beach, California and was founded in 1997.

Today, The Bad City Crew hangs out in the City of London and can be found most days at The Bikeshed MC in Shoreditch  just north of The City and if not there, then the new NOBU, Shoreditch, is a good place to start.

These days, The Bad City Crew mainly dedicates time, effort and money to charitable activities benefitting the British  and  Danish Special Forces Communities and the British Fly Navy.

We support annual fundraisers and many other activities for The Anders Lassen VC Society, The Ben Bathurst Memorial Trust and The Clocktower Foundation.

The Anders Lassen VC Society is also a London-based organization, which supports 22 Special Air Service Regiment, The Danish Jaegerkorps and The Danish Naval Special Forces.

The Ben Bathurst Memorial Trust supports members of 22 Special Air Service Regiment and their families.

The Clocktower Foundation exist to advance the health and human performance of serving personnel of 22 SAS, and to give support to initiatives which add to community cohesion, such as welfare cottages for families and summer camps for the children - always recognising the special ethos of the Regiment we all support. 

We also support the Fly Navy Heritage Trust of which Lars H Steffensen is an Ambassador.

By bringing together flying historic naval aircraft, people and the stories associated with flying from warships at sea, NAVY WINGS aims to inspire future generations and to create a focus for remembrance.

The NAVY WINGS Collection unites a range of owners and operators of historic Naval aircraft. This outstanding array of aircraft, when considered together, provides a unique insight into the full suite of Naval aviation achievements, from the very earliest days of flying aircraft from the water to the breathtaking technological advances that enable high-speed jets and heavy helicopters to land on the moving decks of ships at sea.

Anders Lassen VC, MC & 2 bars


 Anders Frederik Emil Victor Schau Lassen, VC, MC & Two Bars (22 September 1920 – 9 April 1945) was a highly decorated Danish soldier, who was the only non-Commonwealth recipient of the British Victoria Cross in the Second World War. He was posthumously awarded the United Kingdom's highest gallantry award for his actions during Operation Roast on 8 April 1945 at Lake Comacchio in Italy in the final weeks of the Italian Campaign.

For more on Anders Lassen VC, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anders_Lassen

Thank You


Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

Pictured above on this site is 22 SAS in 1942 during the North African Campaign, Anders Lassen VC during WW2 and Verner Soerensen, the gallant Danish Navy Diver, serving on the Coastal Battleship Peder Skram in 1933. Verner also happens to be the Grandfather of Lars H. Steffensen, who along with Chad Benson, is a Founding Member of The Bad City Crew. Lars is also a Fly Navy Heritage Trust Ambassador and Vice-Chairman of the London based The Anders Lassen VC Society.

Thanks for your support of our may 2019 day/night in shoreditch to honour 22 SAS.


The Bikeshed MC hosted lunch outside in the sun.

We thank our friends there for being understanding......and stocked up with Jaeger and Havanna Club.


So wrong that it was right!

.Jaeger.....nuf said.


The MC still stands!

Could have gone either way.....and we never made dinner btw - photo gallery below is self-explanatory as to the reasons why.........

both events were a great success.


October 2018 in London.

The Bad City Crew hosted a table at this annual event, The Fly Navy Ambassadors' Dinner, and was again  hosted by Ambassador Lars H Steffensen; much fun was had by all and much support for this great cause was gathered+ MANY GTs  were consumed along with a stack of cigars.

This year was also a special Armistice Dinner, commemorating the victorious end to WWI in 1918 - one hundred years ago.

This years event took place at the prestigious Wallace Collection in Fitzrovia, London.

November 2018 in Hereford.

We were at the 22 SAS Regimental Boxing and we brought a very special guest of honour, Former World Champs and Legendary Boxing Great Mikkel Kessler.

Former World  Champ and Undefeated Legendary  Boxing Great Joe Calzaghe also joined us for a private follow-up event in London the  next evening, where much schnaps and scandi food was consumed.

We are proud, humbled and extremely grateful  that they helped us support the great and worthy 22 SAS cause.

The night before the boxing we also hosted a private cognac tasting and dinner for the cause and our (somewhat epic) 3 day stand raised significant funds for our 3 charities related to the SF community namely Anders Lassen VC, Ben Bathurst Memorial Trust and The Clocktower Foundation.

We thanks our guests and supporters from the bottom of our hearts.

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